Five Daughters Bakery

If there’s one thing I know, it’s good donuts. I have favorite donut shops in multiple cities across the U.S. and zero shame. So you know that I have to share with you lovely folks when I find a winner and Five Daughters definitely stacks up. Bring your daughters, your friends, and your acquaintances but […]


Ancient Rome Tour

On our last full day in Rome, we opted for a tour of the Colosseum and Roman Forum. Thankfully, the Pantheon was a convenient stop en route to our meet up location. We arrived to that part of town early enough to walk right inside the Pantheon and look around.


Birthday Brunch in NYC

I’ve already mentioned that I was fortunate enough to be in NYC for my 27th birthday because of my best friend’s bachelorette weekend. This was our last day in the city and my sweet friends wanted to have a birthday brunch together before we reluctantly went back to Tennessee.


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