DSC_4011I’m Carly, a 26 year old nurse who believes that the world would be a kinder place if more people traveled. I enjoy sharing my stories with anyone who will listen.

I’ve been wanting to take the leap from scrapbooking to blogging for a while now. Yes, you read that correctly. Up to this point I’ve been dazzling friends and loved ones with my scrapbook talents against their will. Now, they can come and go as they please and there’s a lot less glitter glue. Everyone wins!

I decided to start my blogging journey by exploring more cities in Tennessee and working my way out a little at a time. As an East Tennessee native, I often travel to Knoxville, Bristol, Nashville, Chattanooga, and Gatlinburg. I thought it would be fun to document restaurant suggestions, indoor/outdoor attractions, and hidden gems. If I can tell you about a small business worth your time then that’s even better.

Creating content for You, Me, and Tennessee is a process by every standard. My background is in Biochemistry and Nursing so I’m learning about the world of blogging as I go. I hope to add to the archives of places I’ve visited with time.

I want to make sure I say that it can’t be You, Me, and Tennessee without YOU! I always appreciate input on what kinds of posts you would like to see. Additionally, if you have suggestions on places to visit, what to do there, etc. please leave them in the comments section of a post or by sending me an email through my contact page.

I hope I can inspire you to travel more or share your own story. If nothing else, my incessant talk of the two most important men in my life (Joe the dog + Chris the husband) will put ideas in your head about getting a Corgi or marrying an engineer.

Photo by CJK Photography in Knoxville, TN