The Bristol Hotel is Bristol’s first ever boutique hotel and its also home to Lumac, Bristol’s first ever rooftop bar. That’s more excitement than our little town has seen since the Battle at Bristol was hosted at Bristol Motor Speedway back in 2016. After weeks of traveling all over East Tennessee, I finally got the perfect opportunity to sip a glass of rosé on the rooftop while watching the sun set over the mountains.


Lumac has a delicious menu of appetizers and entrées to enjoy with their cocktails. Pictured below are pickle fries (genius!), rolled chicken tacos, sweet potato fries (because you can never have too many fries) and a grilled cheese the size of my face.


When I’m in town I’m sure you’ll find me spending many more evenings at Lumac enjoying the unbelievable view. Here’s to more incredible restaurants and bars making their way to Bristol but for now I’d like to say cheers to you. Thank you for reading and supporting You, Me, and Tennessee. Summer is quickly approaching and I hope you have the best one yet!


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