When Chris finally told me that my surprise was a day at the spa I almost fell through the floor. I’m marrying the most thoughtful man! As my Mimi used to say, “If I was any better, I couldn’t stand it and you couldn’t either.” He told me we would soak in a hot tub for an hour and then get a romantic couples massage. Heaven!

The ride up to the property was a little rough so we’re glad we took the truck. Just a helpful hint if you decide to visit!

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Once we arrived and checked in we got Japanese robes and sandals to wear during our stay. We were asked to shower before entering the tubs to wash off lotions, oils, etc. There were a few elements that made this day unbelievable. First is that I had a free Saturday. Wedding planning and family/friend events have not awarded us time to ourselves lately and I need my time with Chris. I am a self-professed stage 5 clinger and it’s my firm opinion that there is never enough time in the day to hold his hand. Second is that we were spending our Saturday at a spa and third was that it was all his idea. I can also say without reservation that everything from beginning to end at Shoji is professional and tranquil. If you have children or work with children, you should come for the peace and quiet. It’s glorious.

Walking down to the bath houses you forget that you’re in Asheville. This was my second “Spirited Away” moment in a month so I’m feeling incredibly spoiled. See my other experience here. Each bath house is private with a balcony that’s open only to a lush tree cover. You also have a private cold shower outside if you need a break from the hot tub.

Aside from telling me he loves me, the sweetest words to cross the lips of my fiancĂ© start with, “You know, Carly, this wouldn’t be that hard to make.” Ladies and gentleman… engineers. He also said, “Yeah. It’s official. We’re getting a hot tub.” Fine by me! I refuse to worry about splurges we can enjoy together. You know when they watch football and you feel like you don’t exist? Yeah, this spa day totally made up for that.


The next photo is your view of the canopy from the open roof.


After we were good and pruny from the hot tub, we went back up for our massage. To say my masseuse was “good” would be an gross understatement. She was easily one of the most skilled people to ever work on my neck. It’s a long story, but I had surgery in 2013 that left me with chronic neck pain. Massages are not so much a luxury as a necessity in my life since then. If you have any muscle issues like I do, the experts at Shoji are an answered prayer.

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