No apologies for being the mom who celebrates all the “firsts”. Little ones are a source of inexhaustible magic for the however long we allow them to be and in the midst of global sadness I’m here for the joy! After seeing the look of pure joy on Claire’s face on the swing I immediately started plotting how quickly I could get Chris to put a swing set in the back yard.

Now that Claire is 4 moths old we’re committed to spending more time outdoors with her as long as it’s not raining. We packed up the car and took her to Warriors Path State Park in Kingsport for some fresh air. I like Warriors Path because of the adorable Narnia themed playground and I wanted to see if Claire was big enough for the baby swing. Chris stuffed the back of the swing with her blanket to support her and away she went! The videos aren’t coming through so great but I added them because I know some of the family would want to see them.

That massive smile on her face and the little twinkle toes… yep, swings are on the list of big purchases now.

Every little thing she does is magic. I’m so grateful to be able to share these moments with all those we love since we can’t see them in person right now. I hope this brightens your day! Stay safe and healthy so we can all spend more time together soon.

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