Buongiorno from Tennessee! I have a dozen or so Italy posts to share with you but today I wanted to start by saying how seamless it was to plan our trip with a travel agent. Kelsey over at Hearten L+E put together our dream itinerary for a 10 day trip to Italy that came in UNDER BUDGET. That’s including flights, transfers, train rides, a cooking class, and tours in Venice, Rome, and Pompeii.

Hearten L+E made sure that each city brought new adventures. In Rome we took a pasta cooking class, toured the Vatican, and the Colosseum. Naples brought us to Pompeii, Mt. Vesuvius, and a day trip to Positano. We ended our stay with a walking tour and boat tour of Venice. I couldn’t believe how effortless it was to make these memories aside from all the walking. That took a lot of effort after filling myself to the brim with spaghetti and sorbetto.

Thanks to Kelsey and the Hearten L+E team for turning our “some day” into “today”. Want help planning your next vacation? Contact Kelsey at Hearten L+E’s Facebook page here or send a message on Instagram here

This trip was for my husband, who kicked cancer’s ass and turned 30 all in the same year, and for us. If every long road leads somewhere this beautiful, and I have faith that it does, I’m so glad I’m walking with Chris. Happy anniversary!

Chris has requested for the sake of our old aching bodies that our next trip is to the beach. My response? Aloha ✿


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