Girls night out has been scheduled at Graze for months now and after 2 failed attempts the third time was the charm! I’m excited to see how downtown Sevierville looks in the near future. How great would it be to have more restaurants and maybe even (Heaven help us) a brewery?

I got there early to snap some photos of the restaurant so you could have a look around.

I settled on fried pickles and a blood orange margarita to start while I waited on the girls to arrive. As luck would have it, I snatched up the last blood orange margarita of the night but the strawberry lemonade margarita was just as good for my second drink.

Between the 3 of us there were delicious salads, chips and queso, and a veggie burger with parmesan truffle fries. Be still my heart ♥️

We ate, sipped, and chatted on the back patio until the sun went down and we were the last ones left. Admittedly, I’ve felt a little less than adequate lately in my search for a job but nothing lifts the spirits like a night out with friends.

The night ended too soon, as all nights with the best people do, but not before an impromptu photo shoot with Hannah behind the lens yelling, “Walk towards me!” “Different pose!” “Vogue!” They turned out a little blurry from all the laughing but I like them even more for that reason. I might have to let Hannah snap some pictures again soon. She takes a ton of photos so I have options. *Hint hint Christopher*

Wishing you a night full of good food and even better company, endless laughter, and blurry photos to prove it.

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