I am thrilled to share that we celebrated not one but two special occasions last weekend in Nashville. I graduated with my Master’s Degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner from Vanderbilt and on the same day Chris turned 30! After graduation we were looking for a place to escape the pouring rain and toast to the birthday boy so we headed to Peabody and 6th for a tour of Ole Smoky’s newest location- affectionately referred to as “Mashville”.

This space is massive and I have it under good authority that it’s only going to get bigger in due time. Rustic decor full of brick, wood, and metal elements creates the most warm and welcoming atmosphere in Nashville. Come as you are and stay as long as you like. They have beer, moonshine, whiskey, tacos, and hot chicken. You might be planning to retire in Florida but I’d be perfectly happy right here.


The Predators t-shirt ended up coming home with us because my husband just couldn’t resist. It has one of the Nashville Predators riding a giant catfish like a bull. Our wallets didn’t stand a chance…

Speaking of the Predators, how perfect would this place be to watch a game?!? I would make the drive for a viewing party in a heart beat. White Duck Taco and Prince’s Hot Chicken create the perfect menu for noshing in between what we can only hope are epic fights on the ice.

I think men flock to massive TV’s like flying insects to bug zappers. Their eyes gloss over and they come out of the trance only to sprint to the bathroom during a commercial break. Gentleman, start your engines because this is the view of the TV from wayyy in the back. In the best venues there are no bad seats.


The rain slowed down to a trickle so we ventured out to peep the gorgeous outdoor space. Prince’s Hot Chicken food truck sits outside in the company of lawn games and another mammoth TV. There’s really no other place in Nashville to be on game day.

After sampling the new summer flavors of moonshine and a few of the whiskies, I was itching to try one of the mixed drinks. My drink of choice featured beautifully balanced strawberries and mango habanero whiskey. Perfect for summer!


“Mashville” has cemented its spot as a Nashville favorite for events big and small. We’ll be here for games, birthdays, trivia, and days that end in “y”. Jessi and Joe Baker have another hit on their hands. I’d stop in just to see if a bit of their cleverness can be absorbed through the air. If nothing else, you’ll certainly be able to taste it. Cheers!

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