Yesterday was the official opening day of Vision Quest VR virtual reality arcade and learning center in Johnson City. I was fortunate enough to land an invite to the soft opening on Saturday and try out these very very expensive toys for myself. You know I’d never send you some place I didn’t like and this one you have to see to believe.

On Vision Quest VR’s website is a full list of games including “Arizona Sunshine” (a zombie game), “Creed: Rise to Glory” (a boxing game), and a bomb diffusing game called “Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes” just to name a few. I started off with “Beat Saber” which reminded me of “Rock Band” with light sabers.

Here I’m trying out the Google Earth experience which was right up my alley. Inside the game you can take a walking tour of a few of the most famous cities in the world like London, Paris, and Rome. Below I’m looking down at the infamous Roman Colosseum from a bird’s eye view.

Anyone who knows my husband and I will not be surprised to learn that Chris wiped the floor with me on the competitive games. It took me an embarrassing amount of time to figure out how the simplest game was played… even after a tutorial and tips from spectators. But if you’re like me- not to worry! There are plenty of people who work at Vision Quest VR who can show you the ropes and they stick close by in case you have any trouble.

The virtual reality systems are rented out at $25 for a half hour or $40 for an hour. Headsets can be shared among up to 4 people in a 30 minute session and up to 3 people in a 60 minute session so you don’t have to pay a separate fee for everyone in your party.

I can’t decide if taking my husband with me to the soft opening scored me wife points or if I’ve sealed my fate to spend the rest of the foreseeable future at Vision Quest VR.

Grab a friend and see for yourself! You can book your time slot at their website here.


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