We had the pleasure of attending the 50th wedding anniversary party of Jay and his beautiful bride Ann. They’re the owners of Still Hollow Farm in Greeneville where my husband and I were married. The breathtaking farm has been in the family for generations and is part of the National Register or Historic Places. Returning a year and a half after our wedding for such a special occasion was everything we hoped it would be.

However precious you think it was to watch Jay and Ann hug, kiss, and dance the night away- multiply it by 50 because they are easily one of the sweetest couples you’ve ever seen. Get ready to feel all the emotions you pretend not to have while watching a Nicholas Sparks movie.

*Before I get flooded with emails, the party design was by the gorgeous Star Mays who truly outdid herself with this one. She was also the decorator for our wedding!

It was a pleasure to meet Jay and Ann’s friends and family. They were just as lovely as the couple which makes total sense. Kindness breeds kindness.

We felt honored to have been included in their special night that ended with more dancing and an incredible fireworks display.

Jay and Ann- you sweet souls- we wish you 50 more wonderful years together.

With Love,

Carly and Chris Kibler

Still Hollow Bride & Groom 10.28.17


  1. Carly,

    This is absolutely perfect. Your photos are beautiful. I shed tears and I know Jay & Ann will too.

    Thank you for such beautiful words. We loved have you and Chris back at the farm.

    Liked by 1 person

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