Last Friday we went to Wild Vine at Zoo Knoxville to raise money for animal conservation. Drinking wine for charity? Wild animals couldn’t stop me! To be honest, they were the main event.

Grab a glass (or two) and take a look at these gorgeous creatures- my partners in crime included. 😉



There were lots of wineries to choose from and just as many different wines. The rosé wines were my favorite because I’m quite seasonal with my wine selections. I feel like warm weather calls for white and blush wines and red wine is for mulling in the winter months. Plus, red gives me a dreadful headache. Does anyone have an answer for that? I’d love to know.

Hopefully next year they offer more fruity and sweet wines. That would be my only critique. I like my sugar with a little bit of alcohol. I uphold that same philosophy with coffee and tea. And wouldn’t you know it- the diseases that run in my family are diabetes and alcoholism. Go figure.

The animals were magnificent but I have to say I wasn’t comfortable with the amount of snakes that came out to play. No sir!

The porcupine, God love him, kept raising his quills from stress when a bottle was uncorked so they let him go back home. Personally, I had fun watching everyone duck and gasp.

But my favorite, without a doubt, was Tonka the elephant. He gorged himself on sweet potatoes and acted like we weren’t there. My spirit animal.

We had a lovely spring evening sipping wine and enjoying our exotic surroundings. I would definitely go back to Zoo Knoxville for Feast with the Beasts or Brew at the Zoo. You can check Zoo Knoxville’s website for a list of upcoming events.


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