My Nashville friends and I celebrated my birthday at Arrington Vineyards toasting their refreshingly cold rosé over the most deliciously decadent picnic. We had sunshine and shade with live music in the background. It was quite a treat.


My birthday this year certainly had its ups and downs. The Saturday before the 8th I was so happy to be in Nashville with Chris and we got to go to brunch, the farmer’s market, the vineyard, and the Predators won! But my ID fell out of my pocket at some point that morning and even after retracing my steps I had no luck finding it. I know that sounds so trivial but I was mad at myself for losing it and that meant I wouldn’t get to toast a glass of wine at my birthday dinner the following evening.

On Sunday the restaurant I picked was too busy to seat us. Usually it isn’t crowded so I didn’t bother with reservations. I was so excited to show off this gem of a restaurant I’d found and share it with my family but it wasn’t meant to be. My dad and sister had to find another place that would seat 12 people on the fly and I had to finish applying mascara without crying it all off. When we got to the restaurant not one got carded so I thought I was safe to order a glass of wine- and I was the only person out of 12 who got asked to show my ID. Despite my husband’s best efforts to surprise me with a cake the bakery spelled my name wrong. He scraped off the “e” without anyone noticing right before he lit the candles.

I hope I remember how good it felt to sit in the sun with my husband and my friends the next time my life feels like it’s completely unraveling before my eyes. And let’s face it- we’re talking about me- so that could be 10 minutes from now. My birthday wish is to practice gratitude more often when things aren’t going how I planned and maybe to make fewer plans altogether. Oh and I wished for a well-paying job. Do you think I could have 2 wishes? For God’s sake my name was spelled wrong on the cake. If my husband hadn’t changed it my wish might not have counted at all.

Anyway, the next time you’re tempted to have a pity party I hope you invite your friends and have a picnic party instead. The food’s much better and you don’t have to worry about reservations.

I also hope my family and friends know how much I appreciate them continuing to show up for me despite the crying, and the short temper, and the self-pity. If you’re reading this please know that you’re worth more to me than a restaurant or a cake or a glass of wine… but maybe next year I’ll keep it simple and just invite Chris.



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