Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort provides an opportunity for park goers and visitors to “stay and play” in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Their in-house restaurant, Song & Hearth, serves up casual elegance that will make you feel right at home and the best part is that no one has to fight over who cleans the dishes. I was lucky enough to get a private viewing for You, Me, and Tennessee readers! Let me show you around Dolly’s place.

Delicious home-style classics like chicken and dumplings and slow roasted pork ribs are served on the buffet along with a whole host of sides. You can’t go wrong with garlic mashed potatoes and mac’n’cheese but my motto is “Give me okra or give me death!”.

In the back is a carving station that has a different featured meat every day. Prime rib, turkey, and flank steak are in the rotation with Thursday’s special being hickory smoked beef brisket. Excuse me while I pencil in BBQ night every Thursday for the foreseeable future.


The desserts are just as over the top as the rest of the menu. Maybe you were cool enough to have a donut wall at your wedding reception but Dolly’s got one 7 nights a week. As if we ever doubted the woman’s good taste…

She’s got French cruller donuts and dipping sauces. What more could a girl want? Apparently 2 theme parks, multiple dinner theaters, 8 Grammy’s, and her own resort. Not to mention the adoration of millions of people including folks from her own home town but something tells me she never wanted that. She earned it simply by being herself. Long live the Patron Saint of the Smokies.


Song & Hearth serves breakfast, brunch, and dinner for resort guests and visitors alike. Keep in mind the menu changes daily but you can read all about the options here. There tends to be a wait but this restaurant seats over 200 people so you won’t be waiting long. They also take reservations via OpenTable here and on the app.

I hope you get a chance to visit Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and eat at Song & Hearth. I promise you, every good thing you’ve heard about Dolly Parton is true. After eating at Song & Hearth you’ll find out that the only misleading thing about her is her tiny little waist. Like any good Southern woman, you won’t leave her kitchen hungry.

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