If there’s one thing I know, it’s good donuts. I have favorite donut shops in multiple cities across the U.S. and zero shame. So you know that I have to share with you loverly folks when I find a winner and Five Daughters definitely stacks up.

Bring your daughters, your friends, and your acquaintances but also bring an insulin drip because this place is legit.




Five Daughters is family owned by Isaac and Stephanie Meek who have (God bless them) five beautiful daughters. They’re famous for 100 layer cronut style delicacies that can be cream-filled or plain.

One bite. That’s all I’ll give you to be hooked.

They also have “Quinnamon Rolls” that are a cross between a croissant and a cinnamon roll and it will ruin regular cinnamon rolls forever so tread carefully. You might not be ready for that kind of commitment.

Vegan and paleo donuts are available for those who hate themselves (kidding!) or simply have no choice in the matter due to allergies/ moral standards.

Seasonal flavors are on regular rotation but be warned… there is rarely a day when the cases aren’t empty from selling out.

If you’re visiting Nashville then Five Daughters is a must. They have locations in Franklin, East Nashville, and 12 South.






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