Buffalo Mountain sticks out in my mind not only for the gorgeous views but because this is the first trail Joe hiked without a leash. I was originally very anxious about the whole thing but then again I’m never not anxious so I decided to try it “just this once”. As usual I was worried for nothing and he did beautifully. The only downside is that now it has me wishing we could take him with us every time we go.

Buffalo Mtn-5Buffalo Mtn-6

I will admit that this hike was not without its hiccups. The trail was longer and more arduous than we originally thought so at some points our little guy had to be carried. Joe would stop and lay down to let us know he wouldn’t go any further. Chris also carried him over the mud because ankle deep for the two of us is belly deep for dogs with Dwarfism. Since Joe is quite passionate about his distaste for baths, we thought it best to spare him (and us) the trouble.

But it was worth the extra effort we (Chris) made because I’m quite certain Joe had one of the best days of his doggy life.

Buffalo Mtn-7Buffalo Mtn-8Buffalo Mtn-9Buffalo Mtn-12Buffalo Mtn-10

I hope many things for you, dear friend, but in this particular moment I hope there is someone in your life who looks at you the way Joe looks at Chris. This dog has our hearts and we have his. Forever and ever amen.

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