I officially became “Aunt Carly” on Wednesday and I couldn’t be happier! I won’t share too many details because it’s my sister’s birth story and not my own. I will say that he’s cuddly and likes to be held. Music to my ears! I hope y’all enjoy these snapshots I took at the hospital. I’m thrilled that my sister allowed me to be there for the birth of her son and to share these moments with you.

Arlow's Hospital Session-2Arlow's Hospital Session-7Arlow's Hospital Session-20.jpgArlow's Hospital Session-21

Katie, motherhood looks good on you.

Arlow's Hospital Session-17Arlow's Hospital Session-14Arlow's Hospital Session-12Arlow's Hospital Session-18

All my love,

Aunt Carly


2 thoughts on “MEET MY NEPHEW ARLOW

  1. So beautiful! Katie don’t know if it was a easy delivery but pray it was for you, but you look gorgeous. Motherhood agree with you. Congratulations!

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