Latourell Falls was our first stop on a mini tour of Oregon’s natural wonder. The Columbia River Gorge in Mount Hood National Forest was stunning but I smiled when I realized that I traveled all the way across the country to end up somewhere that reminded me of home.

I’m sorry it took so long to get these photos posted! I’m still working on my editing skills and learning as I go. I’m trying to find “my style” and study aspects of photography so I can take better pictures that require the least amount of editing. If anyone has seen any good YouTube videos then send them my way!

Latourell FallsLatourell Falls-3

Hopefully there are a few people who can appreciate this but as we were walking through the forest I was praying that any minute I’d see an Ewok. I’d prefer ones that didn’t like to eat humans but I’ll take my chances. I looked it up and learned that “Return of the Jedi” was filmed in California (go figure) so now I’m adding Del Norte County to my bucket list.

Latourell Falls-5Latourell Falls-4

This 249 foot waterfall is a simple walk from the parking lot so it’s perfect for bringing the whole family along. If you’re interested in visiting the falls yourself be warned- when we got closer to the falls we immediately got sprayed with water. We were soaked! Especially Christopher whose *ahem* bargain rain coat turned out to be a lot less water resistant than we thought. So remember to bring your best rain gear! But honestly, what in the world would you be doing in Oregon without it?

We had a wonderful first taste of Oregon at Latourell Falls. There is something unmatched in Oregon’s beauty. I can’t wait to come back and see more.


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