Ever the hungry girls in New York City, we made our way to Grand Central Station for a lunch date at The Oyster Bar. If I’m being completely honest (and I try always to be honest with you) I had no idea that there were restaurants on the bottom floor of this exquisite train terminal. Let’s have a look around.

Grand Central

I was completely mesmerized by the Zodiac signs painted on the ceiling.

The magnitude of the tile work had me constantly wondering how long it must have taken to construct this stunner. The New York Times published an article in 2013 in honor of the 100th anniversary of Grand Central being open to the public. The article states that it took 10 years to build and would cost the equivalent of $2 billion. You can read the full article here.


The atmosphere of The Oyster Bar was quite casual and relaxed. Patrons had their pick of sitting at a table in the dining room, community bar seating, lounge type seating, or a back room that was more private.


Since The Oyster Bar primarily serves seafood it was somewhat more expensive than a burger joint but everyone’s meal was delicious. I distinctly remember that the fried fish was perfectly fluffy and light.

Just remember to visit the restroom when you go to The Oyster Bar so you can strike a pose on the lip couch.


Next time you’re in NYC don’t forget to consider Grand Central Station as a gorgeous location to catch a quick bite.

Here’s to another 105 years.

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