Powell’s City of Books is located in Portland and takes up an entire city block. You could walk around for hours and still not see everything but (being a true bibliophile) I think it’s worth a shot. If you’re worried about parking, the book store its own garage that lets you park for free if you buy a certain dollar amount in books and save your receipt. So with our challenge laid out for us… the hunt was afoot.

Powell's Books-14Powell's Books-15Powell's Books-7Powell's Books-5Powell's Books-4Powell's Books-2Powell's Books-3

No version of book heaven is complete without coffee…

Powell's Books-16

If you want to see Powell’s Rare Book Room then make your way upstairs to the Pearl Room (it’s the highest floor). This is the face I make when my actual life feels like Harry Potter.

Powell's Books-9

The most expensive books in the room were the journals about Lewis & Clark’s expedition that are worth $25,000. There is a 1st edition copy of “The Fellowship of the Ring”, a book signed by Nikola Tesla, tons of books signed by the author, as well as a few signed by former presidents.

Powell's Books-11Powell's Books-12Powell's Books-13Powell's Books-19

Of course I couldn’t leave without a book of my own to take home with me as a souvenir. I chose “The Left Hand of Darkness” by Ursula K. Le Guin. Here’s to a gloriously lazy day spent in bed reading with an extra large cup of coffee on my left and a an extra large Corgi on my right.

Until next time,


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