There was still snow up to my knees on Mt. Hood at the end of April. Tennesseans are notorious for getting excited over a few flurries so this magnitude of precipitation was epic. At one point, I fell face first in the snow. I disappeared for a few seconds, ha!

Mt. Hood-2Mt. Hood-3Mt. HoodMt. Hood-6Mt. Hood-5

Check out those adorable mini mountain men. They were obsessed with the Sno-Cat.

Mt. Hood-9

There was so much snow that they had to add on this extension to the building. The real entrance is inside and up a flight of stairs.

Mt. Hood-7Mt. Hood-8

Timberline Lodge was dedicated by FDR in 1937 and every aspect of the building is breathtaking. If I ever get better at skiing, Chris and I will come back and stay here for a ski trip. I can imagine us wearing Patagonia and drinking champagne after a long day out on the slopes. Obviously in my dreams I’m not making a nurse’s salary.

Mt. Hood was beautiful and I can’t wait to go back in the winter months. Y’all hit me up with your best skiing tips!

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