I’ve already mentioned that I was fortunate enough to be in NYC for my 27th birthday because of my best friend’s bachelorette weekend. This was our last day in the city and my sweet friends wanted to have a birthday brunch together before we reluctantly went back to Tennessee. Our search for a brunch spot was a great lesson to anyone looking for a restaurant in NYC. The girls’ first, second, and third choices were booked so we left the hotel in search of the fourth choice. When we got there we were told it would be an hour wait and the menu said that entrées were over $30 each. We decided to walk around the corner and evaluate our options. There was an adorable little Italian café about a block over called Pazza Notte that offered a main dish and a mimosa for $18. My birthday luck was strong!


Since I wasn’t counting calories on this trip (birthday calories are infinite), I got stuffed french toast with fresh berries. I ordered a blood orange mimosa to go with brunch and now I’m ruined because a regular mimosa won’t ever cut it again.

The first spot we visited before going to Pazza Notte had flattering reviews but no windows. I wanted to show you how we were bathed in natural light here. It was perfect.


I was the crazy girl at Sunday brunch walking around taking photos of the restaurant. I couldn’t help it! Black and white photos of celebrities lined the bright red walls. If I closed my eyes for a second I could easily pretend that my girlfriends and I lived in NYC and that this was “our place”.


The seating arrangement in the front of the house was quite intimate. We were elbow to elbow but somehow didn’t mind because of the sunlight pouring in through the windows.

Instead of dessert I ordered a round of Limoncello for the table. Limoncello is an Italian lemon liqueur that is thought to aid in the process of digestion. We sipped on it after our meal and I learned, to my utter delight, that if I ever want to drink my friends under the table that Limoncello is just the spirit I’ll use to do it. I think Katie liked it but Hannah and Kass were not fans. The night before Hannah was sipping on a margarita and she said, “I think they forgot to put alcohol in my drink. Will you taste it?” Y’all. I about died. There was enough alcohol in there to perform impromptu surgery. So when she said the flavor of the Limoncello was too strong I made a somewhat stunned mental note.

I know I said this was our last day but don’t worry because there is a lot more of New York City coming your way! I want to thank Hannah, Kass, and Katie for making my birthday so memorable. Thank you especially to Hannah for giving us an incredible excuse to go on an unforgettable trip.

Once again remember that when you’re in New York City there’s always something magical waiting for you around the corner.

Until next time,


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