If you can believe it, this is my 100th blog post! I wanted to use this momentous occasion to showcase more of Portland. I can’t recommend this part of the country enough for your next vacation. There were still lots of things we wanted to see (and eat) so we’ll definitely be back. Here are my 5 must-do’s to keep in mind when you’re planning your trip. Let me know if you’ve been!

Get a cone at Salt & Straw.


Oh. Em. Gee. Y’all, I was a lactose handicapped kid in an ice cream shop and I think my cone was the best one in the whole place. Toasted Coconut and Strawberry vegan ice cream tasted like a strawberry piña colada sans rum. I read about Salt & Straw when I was doing my research and it totally lived up to the hype.

Get a”Voodoo Dozen” at Voodoo Doughnut.


You can’t go to Portland without visiting the infamous Voodoo Doughnut shop. There are, of course, Voodoo doll doughnuts along with some of the weirdest doughnuts you’ve ever seen in your life. The “Voodoo Dozen” is a box of 12 doughnuts chosen at random by the staff. I did a whole post on Voodoo Doughnut here.

Walk Around Powell’s City of Books.


Powell’s City of Books is famous for being the largest used book store in the world. This “city” takes up a city block. You can spend hours in here snaking your way through the stacks. Oh, and the smell of old books is heaven. There are multiple color-coded floors inside Powell’s and the rare book room (*insert nerd squeal of delight*) can be found on the uppermost floor.

Eat at the Food Carts.


Portlanders love their food carts. In the South they’re better known as food trucks that can travel to numerous different locations. Portland’s food carts are stationary so you always know where to find them. Food carts beat fast food chains any day! The variety they offer is also great for those who never quite know what they want to eat.

Explore Portland without a schedule.


I would suggest dedicating a block of time to walking around the city with no particular plans. We stumbled on a leather shop that had been a family business for generations, a comic book shop, and Portland’s popular arcade bar called Ground Kontrol. You really never know what will be waiting for you around the corner while you’re in Portland so wander away. Weird things most certainly await.

People who have been… how did I do? People who haven’t been… have I made you want to visit? I’m realizing now that 3 of my 5 suggestions involve food but I have no shame. I hope you all enjoyed my 100th post! I’m wanting to do another giveaway to celebrate. Any ideas on what the prize should be? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to pin this post on Pinterest!

Until next time,




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