Bloom is a new coffee shop and cafe in downtown Bristol that has been on my radar since Rhythm and Roots back in September. I popped in to this State Street newbie for a coffee a few weeks back but last night I was able to stay for trivia. The theme was “Stranger Things” and it was a huge success. Many patrons, much like the owner pictured below, dressed as his/her favorite character. The list of team names included “Barb’s Search Party” and “The AV Club”. The dinner special was called “The Upside Down” which consisted of bacon, gouda cheese, turkey, apples, and apple butter sandwiched between two Eggo waffles and served with a side of maple syrup. It was strange, of course, but also delicious. Eleven would definitely approve! I snapped a few pictures so you could have a look around the shop. Not shown are the gorgeous herringbone hardwood floors and the stained glass trim around the door frame. I’ll have to go back when the natural light is beaming through the windows.

I’m excited for more great nights and cups of coffee at Bloom. For those of you who are lactose handicapped like myself they have coconut, almond, and soy milk for lattes. They also have tea, smoothies, alcoholic beverages, and a huge selection of Italian sodas. Paninis and breakfast sandwiches make up most of the food menu with a salad or cup of soup mixed in but they are great for a quick bite. If you’re interested in the upcoming events that will be hosted by Bloom you can check out their Facebook page. They have a great stage for musical groups and even have an open mic night coming up this week. Like them on Facebook so you don’t miss out on any of the unique opportunities to enjoy yourself at Bloom.

Bristol folks, have you heard about Bloom? Have you been yet? Non-Bristol folks put this one on your list. Retro board games, couches that look like they came out of the basement from “That 70’s Show”, and stellar drinks await. Thank you to Bloom for sprinkling seeds of singularity in Bristol. Let’s all do our part and support this small business.

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