If you’re looking for more cold-weather activities to enjoy in Tennessee I’ve got you covered. The temperature inside Bristol Caverns is in the 60’s year-round making it the perfect place to explore even in the winter. 

This is called “The Bridal Veil” and is one of the more well known naturally formed structures in the caverns. I appreciated that the structures within the caverns and the pathways were illuminated but the light fixtures were hidden well so that they didn’t stick out. Rock formations that are thousands of years old deserve to be in the spotlight without looking tacky. Confession time: The veil structures were a bit unnerving to me because they made me think of dementors from Harry Potter.


If you have trouble remembering the difference in stalactite and stalagmite think of “tites” on the “top”. Stalactites grown from the ceiling and point down. Sometimes they meet the stalagmites in the middle to form a column-like structure.


Bristol Caverns were believed to be used many years ago by Native Americans for hiding out. You know what the best hideouts have? Water. Not only for drinking but because the water has to lead somewhere else. Native Americans were able to “disappear” into Bristol Caverns because people less familiar with the area had no idea what was underground.

Bristol Caverns is educational, enjoyable, and… I repeat… naturally temperature controlled any time of year. The guided tour lasts about an hour and groups leave the gift shop every 20 minutes. Has anyone ever been? I’d love to hear about your experience.

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