It’s been a while since my last wedding posts but you can look at Part One and Part Two if you missed them. This is the final installment all about the wedding reception aka the whole reason people come to your wedding. Time to drink champagne and dance on the tables!


We are so thankful to Hickory Cabin Seasoning Company for catering our wedding. Their barbecue is out of this world! They’re located in Sevierville and have a Facebook page if you’re interested. After dinner and dessert it was time to dance with my new husband and then my dad. While Chris and I could NOT stop smiling, my dad and I literally stopped in the middle of the song to hold each other and cry. After we danced it was Christopher and Clarissa’s turn.


We had to take a quick second to do some paperwork for our marriage certificate. This definitely made it feel “official”.


Then we bundled up, grabbed umbrellas, and migrated down to the dance floor to let the celebration continue. Grandpa’s legs were getting restless. He really is the life of the party!


Thank you to Holly and Austin McWilliams who came from Florida to be a part of our day. The two photos above commemorate their impromptu choreographed dance to N*SYNC. Couple of the year, you guys!


Laura set us up so if anyone deserves to have a solo dance looking like a badass at our wedding reception it’s her.


Super embarrassing story about my bouquet toss… I threw it straight up into the ceiling. It hit the top and smacked back down roughly two feet behind me. Obvious pro tip: Throw your bouquet OUT and BACK not up. In my defense, I’ve never been athletic and I was on drugs (Azithromycin counts, right?). Katie Hartman caught the bouquet which involved making a mad dash for the floor. Katie was my incredible makeup artist and is my cousin’s girlfriend so maybe she’s next! Cough cough, Ryan.


Our sparkler send off could have been ruined by the freezing rain but the greatest friends and family ever were troopers and did it anyway. You guys are the best! We truly appreciate the distance that was traveled for everyone to be a part of our day.

Thanks to Star Mays at Still Hollow Farm and our friends/ families for making this day perfect for us. Thanks to Christopher who did the impossible and found a tent 5 days before our wedding when we realized the weather was going to turn on us. Thank you to Tara Hodges of Sweet Snaps for capturing these moments so we can keep them forever.

Photography: Tara Hodges/ Sweet Snaps by Tara in Kingsport, TN

Hair: Hayley Gregory of Deluxe on Depot in Greeneville, TN

Makeup: Katie Hartman in Sevierville, TN

Design: Star Mays of Still Hollow Century Farm in Greeneville, TN

Catering: Hickory Cabin Seasoning Co. in Sevierville, TN

Flowers: Flowers by Tammy in Greeneville, TN

Cake: Kathy Clowers of Wedding Cakes by Kathy in Greeneville, TN

If you have any questions about the wedding, the wedding planning process, or vendors please let me know. I’d love to help any way that I can. A year and a half of planning went into our day and it flew by in a blink! The things I do for love…

Until next time,



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