I’ve said this before but I like to consider myself somewhat of a donut connoisseur. I’m constantly on the hunt for the new greatest donut of my life. In Gatlinburg, there is no better place than The Donut Friar. Located in The Village this shop is a donut hole in the wall. Once you enter The Village from the parkway just go straight back. Look for the sign with a friar holding a piled high plate of perfection and get in there!


Once you get the goods, sit down at a tiny table covered in a map of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. An excellent touch if you ask this native. Alternatively, you can head to one of the small tables upstairs but keep in mind it’s best to take these donuts to go because the small shop is easily crowded. I decided to sample as many different kinds of donuts as possible for… cough… research.


I’m going to say something you won’t normally hear me say. The cake donut was better than the yeast donut. God help me. Who am I? The cake donut? Really, Carly? Yes. Really. I always want to be honest with y’all so there it is. I regret nothing. The truth is I’m ruined because of this yeast donut from Asheville and this one from Johnson City but this cake donut in Gatlinburg will have you going back for a baker’s dozen.

I hope you can add The Donut Friar to your list of places to eat in Gatlinburg. There are a ton of great things to taste while visiting and this cozy little shop is a must. Does anyone have any more questions about Gatlinburg? You can leave them in the comments for me and I’ll be happy to answer.

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The Best Donuts in Gatlinburg


  1. I agree with you so much. The first donut I ate from there was a glazed donut, and while it was good, I didn’t really fall in love with the place until I had one of their iced cake donuts. The only two I eat now are the Chocolate Chipper and Chocolate Cruller. I’ve never had better donuts anywhere else.

    1. Thanks for saying so! I felt like I was on the island all by myself. Now I have to go back and get a Chocolate Cruller for me and the Chocolate Chipper has my husband’s name written allllll over it.

      1. The Chocolate Chipper is a bit deceiving. The only chocolate that’s in it are the sprinkles on the vanilla icing–still an awesome donut.

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