Gatlinburg has been a tourist destination for years but just recently it’s been on the map for moonshine, whiskey, and wine tastings. Now, there’s one more adult beverage you have to sample on your way to the national park. The Mead Bar can be found inside The Savannah Bee Company next to Anakeesta on the Parkway. In case you aren’t as familiar with the ancient libation, mead is made primarily of honey. The term “honeymoon” comes from medieval times when it was customary to gift the bride and groom with enough mead to last one full moon.

Mead was the spirit of choice because it was believed to promote fertility for the newlyweds. While the sentiment is more than generous, I’m sure it helps that mead tastes dangerously unlike alcohol. For those trying to make little baby bees, I suggest you buy a bottle of “Razz!” from The Mead Bar and give it a whirl.


The Mead Bar offers 5 samples of their featured flavors crafted with different honeys such as sourwood and tupelo. You pay $7, choose 5 from a list, and receive generous pours. Our favorite flavor was “Razz!” and we took a bottle home. We didn’t buy it for fertility so don’t freak out, ha! The “John Lemon” wasn’t available for us to sample so we’ll be back again, I’m sure.


We also took home a sampler box with 4 different flavored honeys like cinnamon and lemon. We can use them for cooking or simply to punch up a hot cup of tea. I’m excited to incorporate more honey and less white sugar in our diets. Chris cooks for me all the time and I enjoy baking for him. Depending on how it tastes, I’ll share any revolutionary recipes on You, Me, and Tennessee. Do you all have any delicious dishes for me to bake with honey? I always love reaching out into the universe via internet and getting back something sweet.

Call me a geek (I am one), but it’s fascinating to me that mead has been around for hundreds of years. Simplicity is not a crime and I think it should make a comeback. Head on over to The Mead Bar next time you’re in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. You’ll bee glad you did. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

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