Hey y’all, I hope you like the featured photo for today’s post. The wedding photos are trickling in and I can’t wait to share them with friends, family, and of course the lovely readers of You, Me, and Tennessee. This post is wedding themed so it’s more of a “Bride Day Friday” and “Friday 5 Things” hybrid. I chose this picture because Christmas shopping and planning this year has felt a lot like trying to get 9 little ones to stand still and smile at the same time. Anyone else? For those who have already asked about future inhabitants of my uterus… I’ll take a long hard look at this photo and get back to you. We are so thrilled to call these wonderful children our second cousins. We are proud to be your extended family and we thank your mommies and daddies again for letting you be a part of our special day. Alright, now here are this week’s Friday 5 things on my mind. P.s. No links this week.

Wedding Photos

Sorry for the wedding overload but it’s been on my mind since we’ve been getting our photos here and there this week. All I can say so far is that they are stunning. I think I will do multiple posts in installments instead of one post with an overwhelming amount of photos. I will not be putting all of them on Facebook so make sure you are checking back here to get the full scoop!

Wedding Hangover

The best way to explain how I’ve been feeling since I got married is that I have a “wedding hangover”. I put my heart and soul into our wedding day and now I’m completely spent. Two months later I still don’t want to plan activities. I don’t want to have to deal with a lot of people. I don’t want to do anything that I don’t want to do. I’ve said “NO” to being in stressful situations. I’ve told people who are toxic that I can no longer make time for them. I have verbalized that I need a break. Weddings are hella stressful. I mean terribly so. I’m glad that Chris and I can get back to normal life. That’s why I am spending time with Chris and our closest friends and not doing much else.

Wedding Planning

Now it’s time to help my best friend plan her wedding and her bachelorette weekend in New York City! I am the Matron of Honor (that makes me feel like the Crypt Keeper, y’all) and I am excited for all the festivities since I get to play a supporting role this time around. I can’t wait to see her marry the love of her life. Drew is the perfect guy for Hannah and I love to watching them together. Get ready for more “Bride Day Friday” and “Friday 5 Things” mashups.

Wedding Fitness

Speaking of my best friend’s wedding, that means that I have to stay on track with my weight loss and fitness journey. I did a full post on my plan here so be sure to check it out if you’re like me and love easy tips! My dress doesn’t leave much room for error so the challenge is on. I’ll be spending my time in the gym focusing on abs and arms. Hopefully by June I’ll be able to do another “results” post with new suggestions.

Wedding Takeaways

Our wedding is over and that makes me want to cry tears of joy and sadness simultaneously. Speaking of which, I sat in bed the other night and started crying and Chris asked what was wrong. I said, “A year and a half of planning and it’s all over. I got bronchitis. The weather was terrible. I was used as an emotional punching bag.” Then I stopped for a moment and said, “But damn it, I looked perfect and I got to marry my best friend.” That’s all that matters, y’all. That’s it. I wish looking at the bright side was easier for me. Truly I do. I know this for a fact, though. God was teaching me something through this experience and I heard it loud and clear. Now my goal is to remember those lessons and apply them in my life moving forward.

Learning the ins and outs of planning a wedding is a lot like learning calculus. You master the skill and then (God willing) you never have to use it again. That being said, if ANY OF YOU need help with wedding planning or suggestions I’m here for you. I promise to only tell you what your options are instead of telling you what I would do or what I did. You can shoot me an email using the “CONTACT” page on the blog or hit me up on Facebook/Instagram. I need a few more subscribers to get to 100 by Christmas and I’d love to add you to the You, Me, and Tennessee family. Merry Christmas!

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