It’s no secret that Joe is my favorite non-human. He is the short and chubby love of my life. Since we don’t have kiddos Joe Joe gets presents from Santa Paws each year. When buying a gift for someone, even your dog, you should start by making a list of their favorite things. My kid likes to eat, nap, and chew so his gifts revolve around those themes. He’s in desperate need of a hair and nail trim so that gift will be added last minute. This might sound like less of gift and more of a punishment because some dogs hate baths and Joe is no different. He is, however, hopelessly in love with the grooming ladies at Pet Smart and they love him in return so he will be over the moon.


Red and White Rope Bone

Rope Reindeer

Rope Animal Set of 3

Mint Striped Rope

SmartBones Treats

Corgi Stocking

You can click on any of these links to purchase them from Amazon. If your pup is anything like mine, the ropes and snacks will be gone in no time. We have a small zoo of rope animals and they simply look cuter scattered all over the floor than regular ropes so I keep buying them. Also, we get Joe rawhide free treats since he has one of the most sensitive stomachs in the world. I’m sure I sound like Elle Woods right now. “Hi, I’m Carly Kibler and this is Joe Kibler! We’re both Gemini vegetarians.” But seriously, spending more on food and treats ends up saving us money in vet bills. Joe has been really good this year so I can’t wait for him to wake up on Christmas and open his gifts from Santa Paws! Am I out on my own island of crazy here? Does anyone else buy Christmas gifts for their dog? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. My pups get Santa gifts every year. Seems unfair to rob them of the Christmas joy 😉 I’ve got 2 pups with very different tastes in toys and treats so the shopping can sometimes be a nightmare. Loving the cute little rope animals! Might try those next for my girls! MERRY CHRISTMAS JOE!

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