Since I named the blog “You, Me, and Tennessee” I couldn’t think of a better gift guide to share with my readers. This guide is here to help you find something special for the VFL on your Christmas list. I’ve compiled practical and “just for funzies” items that every fan needs to deck the halls in orange and white this holiday season. If the person for whom you are shopping is die-hard and doesn’t already own the checkerboard overalls then those would be my first choice. Let’s have a look at all 7 of my top picks.

1. Ole Smoky Apple Pie Moonshine

You won’t need a gift receipt for this one. Trust me.

2. Ugly Christmas Sweater

Because ugly Christmas sweater parties are always a good idea.

3. Perfect Tenn Shirt

Gentleman, I speak for the ladies when I say “Perfect Tenn” is a welcome break from “the only ten I see”.

4. University of Tennessee Pillow

Because some Vol fans are rich and fancy they can appreciate the finer things in life like expensive pillows.

5. Checkerboard Overalls

Some non-believers might say we don’t know what the end zone looks like because we don’t get there very often. To the haters I say, “You fools. We’re wearing the end zone!”

6. From Here to Tennessee Sign

This one is for all the people who bleed orange but don’t have the privilege of living in the greatest state in the U.S. We appreciate your support and we love you from wherever you live all the way to Tennessee.

7. UT Old World Ornament

Because if you don’t know at least one person with an all Tennessee themed Christmas tree, do you really live in Tennessee?

As a member of the Vol Nation, I think we could all use something besides Peyton Manning to cheer us up and material possessions/ delicious booze are the next best thing. Let’s pray to the gods of the SEC that “next season will be better” is finally going to be true. Maybe we’ll win a championship again before we pass away and join the Big Orange in the sky. In the name of the Fulmer, the Son, and the Holy Spirit… Amen.

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