Traditions are a part of Christmas for lots of couples and Chris and I are no different. I already mentioned that we started a new tradition for our tree this year. However, one tradition that hasn’t changed is our annual ice skating date. When Chris asked me to go ice skating the first year we were together I was excited because I thought it would be like a Hallmark movie. We would glide along the ice like two lovebirds in Market Square, drink hot cocoa, and question how we ever lived apart. False. Y’all, I could not have been more wrong. Chris skates as smooth as butter melts and I look like a newborn baby deer on ice. Over the years I’ve gotten better at skating but Chris literally skates circles around me because hockey. That’s why. Really though, we end up having the best time when we go ice skating and it reminds me why I love my husband so much. He holds my hand the entire time and lets me ride the “Kibler Express” which means he pulls me around the rink when I get tired. Let it be known that I only fell once this year but the giant bruise on my “ice” is still loud and proud two weeks later so I obviously made my one fall count. Regardless of the severity of my bruise, I got to see Christopher help his cousin Jackson learn to ice skate and (similar to the Grinch) my uterus grew 3 sizes that day.

IMG_1101IMG_1097IMG_1090Every Christmas I look forward to our ice skating date. I get a little nervous once I get on the ice but then I remind myself that my husband and his family like cold weather sports so I’m utterly doomed. There’s no sense in fighting it. This me. This is who I am now. I’m a Nashville Predators hockey fan. I go ice skating. I’m taking ski lessons later this winter. Seriously? I used to think skiing was for people who ate caviar and looked like they belonged in a Ralph Lauren catalog. Now look at me. It’s like I joined a cult. All jokes aside, I look forward to this date with Christopher every year. I’m getting better at skating and I can’t wait to go again soon. What traditions do you have with your significant other? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments.

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