No Christmas season is complete without a trip to see Santa but you have to know where to find him. As a Pigeon Forge insider, I feel obligated to share the best place to visit Santa with my amazing readers. I thought I’d begin my search at The Inn at Christmas Place. They have plenty of rooms so maybe Santa lives here. Come with me to have a look around!


The outside of the inn is decorated as intricately as the inside. No corner is left without a giant red bow or a dozen string lights. They also have the kind of perfect Christmas trees that you wish you could pay someone to put up in your house. You know, for when people come over and you want to look like you have your life together.


See what I mean?


So while I found an enormous Christmas cuckoo clock, giant Christmas trees with full sized toys in them, and life size carolers… sadly Santa was nowhere to be found at The Inn at Christmas Place. I decided to go across the street to The Christmas Place and see if he was getting ready for the biggest night of the year.


If you’re looking for Santa be sure to enter the main store through the angel doorway.


I went in the store and headed through the middle archway toward the pre-lit trees without ornaments and the miniature villages.


And there he was… SANTA!


He’s waiting at The Christmas Place for you to visit! I’ll tell you an insider secret, they are nice enough to let you take pictures with your own camera or buy professional snapshots. You really can’t beat this setup for the perfect photo! If your kiddos are on the nice list then you should take them to The Christmas Place as soon as possible. You can thank me later.

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