I will jump at any excuse to go see a movie and the drive-in might just be the best way to go! Here are 5 reasons why going to see a drive-in movie should be on your fall bucket list.


 1. You get to watch two movies.

I don’t know about your local drive-in but ours plays two movies per night. That means you get a double feature every time you go. If you have kids though don’t worry. They play the movie for the younger audience first so you can leave afterwards if they need to get in bed or you don’t want them to see the later movie.


2. You save on tickets.

The price was $7 a piece for two movies. You really can’t beat that. That is less than the cost of one regular movie ticket. If you’re looking to save money but still have a date night then this is the place for you.


3. You can bring your dog.

Any place I can bring JoeJoe is a good place. I’m typing this as he’s snoring on my keyboard so obviously I’m crazy about the little guy. I mean… look at that face. You get it, right? He sat in the back and ate popcorn with us while we watched the movies and I didn’t have to feel bad about leaving him at home.


4. You can bring your own food.

We usually pop our own popcorn and grab dinner on the way. This time we stopped by the Bristol Cafe and Market which is right next to the drive-in and it was delicious. They’re loaded potato salad is out of this world. We usually get a hot sandwich but they have other options as well. Just promise me you’ll try one of their homemade side dishes when you go. Everything we’ve had there has been amazing.


5. You can get comfortable.

You can spread out and make a pallet in your truck bed or the back of your car. You can lay the seat back and you don’t have to pay extra for it. You’ve got your dog with you and two movies for less than the price of one to enjoy. Life is good.


Hopefully you’ll add seeing a movie at the drive-in to your fall bucket list. The Twin City Drive-In Theatre is located on Volunteer Parkway in Bristol. We have a great time as a little family on the weekends there. If you don’t live in Bristol then you should search for one near you. I promise you’ll make memories and save money too.

If you like this post please pin it for later and share it with your friends on Facebook. Thanks for being patient with my post hiatus since I’ve been out of the country on my honeymoon. I can’t wait to share photos from our trip with you!

Until next time,



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