We drove to Ramseyer Farms in Wooster, Ohio while we were in town to visit Christopher’s family. I feel like I packed the whole fall season into a single afternoon and I’m not even mad about it. Pumpkin patches, corn mazes, hay rides, apple cider, and my personal favorite… donuts. They had a “Make Your Own Scarecrow” station for adults which I thought was a great idea but Ramseyer Farms had more activities for kids than I had ever seen at a pumpkin patch. They set up a “sand box” filled with corn, slides, and a “spudway” with tractors to pedal around a dirt path. We had a blast launching potatoes from a sling shot and got to see the sweetest baby farm animals. I pretended not to take note of how much my Corgi Joe looks like a piglet. On a style note, I was glad I wore a plaid shirt because nothing else would have gone with the theme.


Clarissa (Christopher’s mom) got to have her first corn maze experience while we were at Ramseyer Farms. How she has managed to avoid them her whole life I’ll never know. Chris took me to a corn maze the first year we were dating and I hate hate hate getting lost so I was secretly dreading the maze part of the evening. Within minutes he was navigating the maze like he designed it himself and multiple families were following behind us. That’s when I first started realizing all the perks that come with having an engineer as your partner in life. Look out corn mazes! My man can read a map. Thankfully, this maze was in the shape of Ohio and the pathways mirrored the actual interstates. Genius!


Of course the best picture I got was of the donut stand. You should bask in the glory of this photo because I know I did. I’m so proud that the chubby girl inside of me got this awesome shot with perfect fluffy clouds over head as if the heavens themselves smiled down upon Lerch’s donuts. Why can’t we take communion with donuts instead of those cardboard wafers? I feel like we should advertise that one Christmas and watch our attendance soar. Butts in seats, people. Imagine all the butts in seats.


This is me thinking about how much I wanted to eat all 12 of these donuts. I only had 4 but man were they good! I’m realizing now that 4 is not a small number of donuts but they were miniature-ish so that’s fine, right?


We had a fun-filled fall day at Ramseyer Farms as the almost Kiblers drinking apple cider and making the corn maze look like child’s play. I got to hold my fella’s hand and watch the sunset at the pumpkin patch. It was a perfect October day and one of the reasons why I picked this month to get married. Fall is my favorite season and I can’t wait to celebrate my anniversary carving a pumpkin with Chris this time next year. Speaking of weddings, look out for another Bride Day Friday post tomorrow!

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