Double D’s Coffee and Desserts is housed inside a double-decker bus that originally roamed the bustling streets of London. Since taking on a new life as a coffee shop this bright red bus keeps Asheville wanting more. Everyone can use a cup of tea or coffee throughout the day so why not get it with a little whimsy? Double D’s went all out with the Halloween decorations which made our visit that much more memorable. The giant spiders are even bigger in person and I am terrified of bats. Pro tip: Don’t look them in the eye because it feels like they’re following you afterward.


Keep in mind they only take cash but the drinks weren’t any pricier than your average latte. Plus, the coffee and tea are organic and the coffee is locally roasted.


Even the meditating statues got witchy makeovers! We loved all the decor.


Remember what I said about the eyes? You believe me now, don’t you?


The interior of the upper deck was painted a gorgeous shade of teal blue. This would be a great place to sit and chat for a spell over tea.


Added touches like the crystal chandelier made this small space feel elegant and inviting. Claustrophobia has ruined outings for me a time or two (I’m looking at you, Neyland Stadium!) and I was surprised at how roomy this bus felt. I was able to walk around without crouching and snap a few photos of this Asheville gem.


We enjoyed our coffee and tea al fresco thanks to perfect weather. For those of you who are lactose intolerant like me, Double D’s has almond milk for lattes! I was thrilled to have this crew of ladies come along for the ride but if there is coffee involved I think I could get them to go to the moon with me.

Thank you for reading this post and if you like what you see please pin it for later! Asheville has so much to offer and I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface. I can’t wait for my next visit. It’s only an hour and a half from home so I might need a nice romantic dinner with my fella once things slow down.

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