Asheville has manifested itself in my mind as this southern mama who feels like she has to feed me every time I visit and this time mama made donuts. Donuts have been my favorite sinful indulgence for at least 5 years now. I have become somewhat of a connoisseur and I pride myself on knowing where the “good” donuts can be found. Asheville folks, you are ridiculously lucky to have Hole Donuts! The Vanilla Glazed was my absolute favorite. The vanilla is pungent without being overwhelming. Plus, Laura and I commented that the dough contained just the right amount of salt for the perfect salty and sweet bite every time. Talk about heaven!


Cocoa Rub was not my favorite but the other 3 were knockouts. Beignet was the flavor of the week and it was well worth the powdered sugar mustache. Chris and I went to New Orleans last year for his birthday so beignets always remind me of going to Cafe Du Monde together. I still haven’t told you the best part… every donut at Hole Donuts is made to order right in front of you so you know they’re fresh. You simply can’t beat that.


Any time you ask me how I’m doing please know that I’d be better if I had a donut. I can’t eat them as often as I’d like because my body would tell on me and Chris would find himself in bed with someone resembling Homer Simpson. However, bachelorette times call for bachelorette measures and the bride needed the perfect pick-me-up after a night of marathon drinking. 3 women, 6 donuts, 0 regrets. We had to try every flavor or it wouldn’t have been an honest review. I’m nothing if not thorough. Stay tuned for the last installment of Carly’s bachelorette weekend on the blog tomorrow at Double D’s Coffee. After all, you can’t have donuts without coffee!

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