A few years back I saw a picture on Facebook of girls in wigs for a bachelorette party and I knew when it was my turn that I would be completely unoriginal and copy them. We “wigged out” in Asheville and had an absolute blast. I was worried initially that people would give us funny looks but so many people came up to us to say how much they loved the wigs. Lots of the girls ended up saying that they couldn’t wait for another opportunity to wear them. You might be seeing more of the unicorn wig in the future! At the very least that baby will end up on my head for Halloween next year. Sadly I’ll miss Halloween this year because (thank you Jesus) I’ll finally be married and on my honeymoon.

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We couldn’t pass up the opportunity for another confetti bomb! I loved the one from Brittni’s bachelorette party and Hannah surprised me with this one… literally!

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Pack’s Tavern showed us an amazing time, y’all. The servers and hostesses offered to take pictures for us including the classic Pack’s picture above (please note Laura’s bedroom eyes). They had a live band and the restaurant is big enough to serve large parties quickly. We didn’t have to wait long for a table or our food even with 8 of us in the group. I would highly recommend them for a bach bash, girls night out, or really any occasion.


The photo above is from the black light hallway at a club called Scandals which was the perfect place to dance the night away with my girls. Throwback music, drag queens, and rainbow colored wigs go together quite seamlessly. If you’re in the area, their drag show is well worth fighting the crowd. This one girl did a split then proceeded to twerk IN THE SPLIT and another girl danced to Shania Twain’s greatest hits. They had the whole place screaming and as drunk as I was I remember Rachel kept feeding me ones for tipping. Let me say something to all my fellow awkward girls out there… drag queens beat strippers ANY DAY. I’d much rather have someone blowing me kisses and telling me congratulations than some guy’s junk in my face covered in glitter. I respect everyone’s choice to do what they want but I choose drag queen Shania Twain. I happily threw ones at those ladies because they freaking brought it. I foresee many girls nights out at Scandals in the future.


Last but not least I wanted to share my outfit details because I put a lot of thought into my unicorn themed bridal look. I chose my wig first because I knew I wanted everything to coordinate with the variation of pastel colors. I bought blush pink sandals with a chunky heel and a sparkly unicorn purse to accessorize my bell sleeved dress. The purse only held my ID and lipstick but I didn’t even hesitate when I saw it online. Now I have a purse tucked away in my closet for those special occasions when I need to party relentlessly. I want to thank all the girls for coming out that night even if I hardly ever drink which makes me a total light weight. You ladies rock harder than a drag queen twerking in a split. Tell me the date of our next wig party and let it be soon!

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  1. Oh my….. it look’s like you girls has a blast.!!!!!Honeeeeyyy…Know Mary will take a drag show anytime…..I’m go glad you are making these memories…..Love YOU…..

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