We had the most amazing time in Asheville for my bachelorette party! As fate would have it, Cider Fest was on the same weekend and this bride loves hard cider! Accompanied by my best girlfriends, we took Asheville and Cider Fest by storm the same way… one drink at a time. Looking back on this weekend will have me smiling for years to come.


Cider Fest was held at Salvage Station which was artistic, spacious, and right on the water’s edge. Salvage Station was the perfect back drop for enjoying cider by the shot glass. I especially loved the giant Pabst Blue Ribbon can that housed a bar underneath.


I haven’t tried a lot of the cideries in Asheville so I felt fortunate to have them all in one place. I can say a few that stood out were Noble Cider’s “Journeyman” and Urban Orchard’s “Bee-Biscus”. I prefer the sweetest flavors that cider makers have to offer. Cider Fest also featured a couple meads and Crafted Artisan Meadery brought the “Best in Show” in my opinion. They made a bananas foster mead that would rock your world. I like mead even more than cider because it tastes like I died and went to bee heaven. I also want to shout out to “buchi” which was a craft kombucha company there on the best kombucha I’ve ever tasted. Give them a chance if you see their kombucha because it changed my mind and my taste buds.

My dad was talking to me the other day about how more refined palates like bitter flavors and less refined palates stick with whatever is sweet. I said, “Dad, I don’t like tea, coffee, dark chocolate, or alcohol. I like sugar.” If you see me with a tea in my hand I guarantee you there’s more sugar than tea and the same goes with coffee or alcohol.


One of my bridesmaids Blair suggested that we get a caricature done to commemorate the trip and I’m absolutely in love with this picture you guys. How great is this?! I’m getting it framed so I can keep it forever. We’re missing a couple people who couldn’t make it this weekend but I was happy to celebrate with those who did. My bridesmaid Brittni is a veterinarian and had to work but she was sorely missed!


Please look at my friend Candice and her adorable baby bump. She has not one but TWO little flying squirrels in there and came to celebrate with a bunch of drunk girls because she is friendship goals. I kept telling her all the cider was horrible to make her feel like she wasn’t missing out. At least she got to have gluten while she was with us (her sweet husband is allergic) so that’s a bonus! I can’t wait to meet her precious girls.


Each and every one of these ladies means so much to me. They all came into my life at different times for different reasons and I honestly couldn’t picture doing life without any of them. The two redheads on the left end are my sorority sisters and Laura that’s in white set me up with Chris. Rachel is in pink and is getting married to her fiance on Cinco de Mayo next year. I’m already stoked about how fun that wedding will be. Blair is next in olive and is my soul sister and instant friend from nursing school. My actual sister is next to me in the sunglasses. She’s the artist whose pottery I have featured on the blog. My best friend since childhood, Hannah, is to the right of me in her signature color: black. She has a black diamond engagement ring that has been featured as well. Kass is next to her and has been apart of my life since high school. If I’m having a good time, Kass is there. Last but not least is Candice who I met at a work dinner with Chris. Her husband Greg is Christopher’s former coworker as well as one of his groomsmen. I felt so fortunate that Candice is smart, funny, and easy to talk to because we get to go on the best double dates with them!

If you liked this post on cider you can check out the first blog post I ever published on Gypsy Circus Cider located in Kingsport, TN. Keep your eye peeled for tomorrow’s post where we’ll dance the night away in technicolor wigs. Only 3 more weeks until Christopher and I say, “I do”.

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