The morning of Red Bull Flugtag we decided to make a pit stop outside the entry gates to eat brunch at Acme Feed & Seed. Apparently, everyone had the same idea but I was shocked at how fast the line moved. We also got our food and drinks with exceptional speed given how many people were there. We were very impressed with how fast lines went the whole time we were in Nashville. Confession time: I’m an old lady on the inside who loves people watching, early meal times, and good food. Acme did not disappoint.

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At night, there isn’t enough room to breathe on the first floor. There is a band onstage and the place is packed. I was glad we got to see it when there was room to walk around.

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There are 3 levels to Acme including a rooftop bar that was closed for a private event. We went back that night to get an unbeatable view of the city. Definitely a must when you visit Nashville! Tomorrow’s post will feature Nashville nightlife so for now let me show you around the 2nd floor. There are large windows that provide lots of natural light for dining and socializing. They have a sushi bar for anyone interested. The 2nd floor also boasts comfy coaches and semi-circle booths. The theme of community was prevalent at Acme. Long banquet tables are meant for everyone to share. You’re in the South so pull up a chair and stay a while. Strangers won’t be strangers for long.

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Acuff-Rose was a music publishing firm birthed in Nashville by Roy Acuff and Fred Rose. Even if you don’t go to Acme to eat, I highly suggest walking around during the day time and seeing all their decor. You feel like you’re taking a self-guided museum tour.

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The Acme Arcade was small but still packed a punch with a shuffleboard table and old school pinball machines. This would be where I would find Chris if he went missing during brunch.

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Let’s get down to business… Our brunch was delicious. I ordered the “Damn Good” with pulled pork, pinto beans, fried eggs, and cornbread. Amazing. As was the “Beautina Hash” made with brisket and the “Gashouse BLT” which has two egg-in-a-hole pieces of toast making up the sandwich. You can browse the full menuĀ here. We thoroughly enjoyed our time here and couldn’t wait to go see the rooftop bar that night. If you’re in Nashville, eat at least one meal at Acme Feed & Seed. Remember, if there’s a line then wait it out. You’ll be inside at a community table enjoying your food in no time. Be on the lookout for a post all about Nashville Honky Tonks tomorrow!

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