We started off the morning having brunch at The Pfunky Griddle in Murfreesboro where my sorority sister Kristen and her precious baby girl Olivia live. Get this… you pay to cook your own breakfast. What?! I’m one of the worst cooks and breakfast food is easy to burn. Thankfully, my fiance Julia Child was there to help me out or I would have gone hungry. He cooked me scrambled eggs, hash browns, and blueberry pancakes. My favorite part was when he pointed out that a larger portion of breakfast food was a better deal so we should get it. I was glad that my Grandbig (yes that’s a thing) Christi could join us too! She was visiting all the way from Memphis. While the breakfast was delicious (thanks Chris!) I learned that my anxiety might be a little too high right now to go to a restaurant where you make your own food. In real life that restaurant is called my kitchen and I can go there anytime for free whilst a very handsome man cooks for me. That’s my life you guys. He literally cooks all the time and I bask in how lucky I am. When it’s my turn to cook we get take out.


This is a mini Kappa Delta reunion! I hadn’t seen my Grandbig (the very tall one) in 4 years! That sounds crazy but Memphis is quite a drive and I’ve never been. Grandbig and I might have to crash Graceland someday!

After brunch we headed to 12 South to mill around and check out Draper James. Reese Witherspoon designed and styled clothing, bags, home goods, and even a line inspired by game day in the SEC. Come take a peek inside!

FullSizeRender (6)IMG_0290

As soon as you enter the store you’re greeted with sweet tea. Yes please!


My immediate answer to this question involves plastic surgery and philanthropy.


I was completely obsessed with the game day line! Those “Go y’all” gloves are perfection. After we finished up our sweet tea we headed back out into what felt like the seventh circle of hell. Nashville was scorching hot all weekend. I showered and changed half way through the day like I did when we visited New Orleans. Isn’t it supposed to be Fall??? We saw this gorgeous flower truck and were pleased to realize that it’s food truck neighbor sold shaved ice! *momentous occasion alert* This girl got shaved ice because hipster people live in Nashville and they have organic options if you happen to be allergic to food coloring. GREATEST DAY! Thank you hipster people. You make coffee shops carry almond milk and you make my heart happy.


Chris got the “Sour Gummy Worm” shaved ice and it came with a worm on top. Personal story time: Shaved ice always makes me think of going to the circus before my parents knew I was allergic to food coloring. My dad would be the sweetest and “start” my snow cone for me. He’d eat the huge dome part as fast as I could stand to wait and then I’d eat all the syrup and ice left in the cup. I only wanted one because it had rainbow colors and came in an awesome cup. I didn’t like how big they were and I was scared of putting my spoon in and losing the whole top. When my dad is old and gray, I’ll think of him sitting next to me holding my snow cone so I wouldn’t drop it. I love you, dad!

FullSizeRender (4)IMG_0339IMG_0322

I had heard of The Frothy Monkey from friends so I went inside for a free smell. I already had my one cup of coffee for the day and a second would have made me tell everyone that “something bad is going to happen”. Anxiety and coffee make ugly babies, y’all. The Frothy Monkey looked cozy! We’ll definitely have to go back.

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Laura Milton is a saint. She waited in line in 90 degree heat so I could get a picture with another Nashville mural. This one is located just outside of Draper James on 12th Avenue South or “12 South”. She got the perfect shot because she is literally that wonderful and if you live in Nashville you should be her friend. Who knows? She might introduce you to your husband. Tomorrow’s post is all about Flugtag so don’t miss it!

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  1. I can’t wait to check out Draper James in a couple weeks time- looks so pretty! Are there any great coffee shops you would recommend? I am lactose intolerant so like you need almond milk!

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