The most wonderful fiancĂ© in the world took me to Asheville this weekend for a surprise! You’ll have to wait to see what it was on Wednesday! I can’t wait to show you! While we were there, I wanted to take Chris to Sierra Nevada Brewery because I had heard from coworkers and friends that it’s a beautiful place inside and out.


Once we got there, I quickly realized they were NOT exaggerating. We also realized that Hell and half of North Carolina had the same idea as us on how to spend a Saturday in Asheville. There was no place to sit and the bars (3 that we saw) were at least a dozen people deep! We will have to go back during a day of the week or season when it’s not as busy. If anyone has tips for this please leave a comment below!


Once you manage to get through the crowded taproom, there is plenty more adventure waiting for you outside.


Pictured above is their outdoor concert space. We will definitely be checking out their entertainment schedule to catch a show here. Pictured below is Sierra Nevada’s GARDEN! Be still my heart. This was a well-planned addition to the grounds. Anything to make the bees happy!


Sierra Nevada even thought of games to play that would bring families together… or pit them against each other depending the competitive nature of your family! They had corn hole and bocce ball and certainly enough room to spread out.


Back inside you can have dinner at their very own Mills River Taproom and Restaurant. Impeccably decorated and projecting an inviting warmth, this meal is sure to please the beer lovers as well as those who do not like beer but always enjoy delicious food like me. Chris and I have a very reasonable understanding that I will go to any brewery with him as long as we hold hands for an excessive amount of time and he feeds me.

Very. Reasonable. Indeed.


I like that they included a bar top where you can eat while also watching the chefs at work. This place is great for tiny humans with inquiring minds. Many questions could be answered all in one trip such as, “How is beer made?” “How is our food made?” and my personal favorite, “Why can’t I taste your beer?”

Blooming flowers from the garden sweetly arranged in Mason jars was a welcome personal touch.


Chris and I definitely want to go back when we have more time to sit, sip, and linger. We might even go in the winter when it’s freezing just so we can move around. I bet that gigantic fire pit would be plenty warm and any excuse to cuddle is fine by me. Taking a brewery tour is at the top of our return list as well. Anyone with good memories here? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Yep. This place looks sweet and I love their pale ale! Reminds me a little of Dechutes in Bend Oregon or Great Lakes Brewery in Cleveland Ohio.

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