For my bachelorette party we headed out to Put-in-Bay on Lake Erie. Exactly 5 years ago on Labor Day weekend I was introduced to Put-in-Bay for the first time by Christopher’s family. This place has themed bars, great restaurants, and it’s safe to walk everywhere… Perfect for a bachelor/bachelorette party or to celebrate your 21st birthday!


Ok, let’s dive in to the guide! You’ll add this place to your list of places to party by the time I’m done!



You can take your boat across Lake Erie toward South Bass Island and dock it at Put-in-Bay or you can drive to Port Clinton, OH and hop on the Jet Express to get ferried to the island. We took the Jet Express so the boys could have the boat and get into some trouble of their own. Taxi drivers hang out at the Jet Express parking lot so you can catch a cab when you get back if you need one. We are riding the Jet Express in the picture below.



If you’re drunk- USE YOUR FEET. Don’t even think about driving. Put-in-Bay is decently small and you can walk almost anywhere which makes it even more perfect for having a good time. If you’re not drunk then you can rent a golf cart on the island. They have multiple sizes too so don’t worry if you have more than 4 people with you.


Goat Soup and Whiskey: the seafood is great, the building has lots of exposed brick and stone, it’s located farther inland (more on the restaurant here)

The Keys: on the water, very beachy atmosphere, I felt more like I was on the ocean than the lake

The Boardwalk and The Upper Deck: on the water, you can dock your boat and walk right in, gorgeous views

Places I want to try next time:

Blu Luna Ristorante Italiano (because I love pasta)

Old Forge Cafe and Creperie (brunch is always a good idea)

Pasquales Cafe (great reviews for breakfast)

Disclaimer: Most restaurants have lots of seafood and “bar food” on the menu. Many offer al fresco dining which I highly recommend. It’s important to remember that the main attraction at Put-in-Bay is having fun and being on the lake so every restaurant isn’t for every person. There are places to eat in all price ranges including pizza joints.


Put-in-Bay Winery: This was our first stop of the night. My future mother-in-law ordered a bottle of my favorite Moscato aptly named “Celebration”. It’s perfectly crisp and sweet. We toasted to a good night! Sadly it’s expensive to buy online because it has to be flown off the island. Next time I go I’ll have to bring a bottle back on the Jet Express.

Snapchat-337980636 (1)

Round House Bar: When you walk in you’ll feel like you’re under the big top! Usually they have a live band but we must have just missed them. Round House sells beer by the bucket and the bucket doubles as a hat if it starts raining (pictured). It triples as a trash can if you drink too much (not pictured).

Mojito Bay: The floor is covered in sand and they have swings hanging from the ceiling that line the bar up front. While their featured drink is the mojito, they literally put the lime in the coconut which turned out to be delicious. They poked a hole in the top of a coconut and poured in passion fruit rum. I mean… seriously??? The best part of the night had to be when their band played “Rocky Top” for me and the rest of the crowd was less than pleased. “Rocky Top” makes my heart happy! No apologies.

Last Resort Engine Company: So the only draw with this place is that it’s a fire engine but it’s still fun. Plus, their bartender makes shots that don’t taste like alcohol.

Another favorite includes the Beer Barrel Saloon because it has the world’s longest bar. Last time we went they had a great live band and they were so entertaining I still remember their name: Wedding Banned. Brides, I would have booked them in a heartbeat if we lived in the area! I also want to try Hooligan’s Irish Pub next time we go. I’d love to see what it looks like on St. Patty’s Day!

The great thing about Put-in-Bay is that you can go numerous times and never go to the same place twice. There are truly that many bars and restaurants located within very few square miles which is why it’s such a popular destination.

For the sake of honesty I was a little afraid to post this travel guide because I’m talking about going somewhere to get drunk for your bachelor/bachelorette or 21st birthday party. In case you didn’t know, the town I grew up in was dry until 2013 and the particular flavor of Southern Baptist that raised me believe that one should never drink alcohol. There are still times while I’m sipping my cocktail that I think Jesus is going to come to me in a dream sequence to the tune of “Beauty School Dropout” and tell me that he did, in fact, turn the water into grape juice not wine. I will say, though, that I can’t wait to get to Heaven and ask Jesus what I’ve been wondering for years… why not turn it into moonshine?

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