After Chris and I left The Pottery House Cafe we wanted to walk across the bridge to our favorite winery… but we frequent this lovely establishment for their hard cider! We found out about Mill Bridge Winery back in April when we went to Smoky Mountain Wine Fest. We sampled their cider, bought a growler, and never looked back! On your way over there you have to walk across the bridge and capture this iconic view of the mill. I can look at this picture and feel like I’m home.


Once you make it across the bridge look for the buttery yellow building that has my calling card written on the side.


Chris went to sit on the patio and let me go take more pictures. I love that he lets me be whoever I want. Writer, photographer, blogger, nurse… he’s here for me.


We like to sit on the back patio for a bit and relax. You’re right on the water. Even with the cars driving by and heap tons of pedestrians you feel at ease. Could be the alcohol, could be the atmosphere. Maybe just sip on your drink and don’t question it.


Check out this beautiful line up of cider! I think more beverages should come in a flight. It’s a tiny little alcohol buffet for indecisive people like me. “I have to choose ONE? No, no. I would like FOUR miniature ones please.” Definitely the best choice for newcomers to Mill Bridge Winery. From left to right you’ve got Cider House Blues (apple cider + blueberry), C-N-Red (muscadine), South (green apple), and Ginger (you guessed it you rascally devil- they put ginger in this one). My favorite was the blueberry!


Chris and I are so glad that we went to the Smoky Mountain Wine Fest for my birthday. We found out about lots of wineries we never would have tried otherwise. To think we drove by this place countless times and didn’t know what we were missing blows me away. Next time you want to meet someone for a drink in Pigeon Forge, give Mill Bridge Winery a try!

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