The Pottery House Cafe is owned by the same group of people who have The Old Mill Restaurant right across the street. The restaurant serves sinfully indulgent comfort food family style so if you decide to eat there bring your appetite. I have enjoyed eating at both institutions but my preference leans toward The Pottery House Cafe because it provides a more intimate environment. As soon as you are seated at the cafe, delicious homemade bread is served on pottery that is thrown and fired right next door by Old Mill artisans. Fresh flowers sit in a vase on each table. Natural light floods in through walls of windows encouraging each patron to take in every aspect of their dining experience. The attention to detail at The Pottery House Cafe is next to none. I haven’t even mentioned that they have loaded potato soup in a homemade bread bowl that makes counting carbs sound like a fate worse than death. Truth be told, you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. When we had to pick a restaurant for our rehearsal dinner that would please everyone, this was the obvious choice.


If you get a chance to sit outside, take it! Attention to detail isn’t reserved for the interior of the restaurant. If you’re really lucky you’ll get to see a mama duck and her ducklings playing in the water next spring.


Walk around the property when you are finished eating and take in all the visually stunning benefits of Mr. Reece’s green thumb. He could grow a rosebush in the desert.


And introducing the world’s happiest bumble bee… I caught him rolling around in pollen with every inch of his big belly covered. He reminded me of Joe dog in the snow.


The Pottery House is without a doubt my favorite restaurant in Pigeon Forge and you can trust me because I grew up there. We have seen many restaurants come and go but this one will be around for years to come. Next time you’re in the area you should put your name on the waiting list. Trust me again, there will most likely be a waiting list but it’s worth the wait! Let them take your number and walk around the shops. Kick back and relax. Go shopping while you still have an excuse: stimulating the economy. A perfect day in Pigeon Forge is waiting for you at the Old Mill Square.

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