Since Chris and I started dating back in 2012, I learned quickly that he and his parents were very competitive when it came to bowling. Sadly I’m a dreadful bowler and when they poke a little fun at me I claim it is because I had actual things to do growing up in Tennessee. I grew up fishing and scraping my knees. No way was I going to give up riding my bike and catching fireflies for fluorescent lighting and rented shoes! Now that I’m a little older I realized I was missing out on a lot of fun. Plus… drinking makes me a better bowler so that has to be some kind of a sign from God, right? When Chris said he wanted to get together with friends to celebrate his birthday, Maple Hall on Gay Street was the perfect choice.


The overall vibe was very relaxed at Maple Hall. You definitely felt encouraged to stay as long as you like. The couches were amazing! We might end up with a pair at the Kibler casa pretty soon. If you rent the party room you get two private lanes and a dedicated server for the group to take care of drinks, cake, bowling shoes, etc. If you’re planning a bigger event like a birthday or reunion I would 100% recommend getting the party room because you don’t have to worry about waiting to bowl. Maple Hall is popular enough that you could be waiting hours for your lane to be ready. We will definitely be back to eat there in the near future which sounds strange for a bowling alley but the menu will surprise you. Gourmet french fries y’all. Enough said. Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate my super fine (almost) husband!

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2 thoughts on “BOWLING AT MAPLE HALL

  1. Wish we could have made it. Any chance to beat my son and wife in bowling is worth the drive!!

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