I have mastered the art of walking inconspicuously through fresh fruit and vegetables in search of the Tri Cities’ finest donuts. Auntie Ruth’s draws huge crowds to the Johnson City Farmer’s Market every Saturday and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a fresh piece of Heaven all covered in glaze. Come walk around with me, Christopher, and baby Joe.

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Last weekend we were in search of the best donut in the Tri Cities and on Saturday there’s only one place it can be found. The Johnson City Farmer’s Market has a great selection of fresh local produce, breads, honey, flowers, coffee and desserts. One of those desserts is from a food truck called Auntie Ruth’s. They make the best pretzels and donuts in town. As a proud donut connoisseur and a lover of carbs since birth you can trust my word as truth. I would never exaggerate about something as serious as donuts and hot pretzels. You too can have an existential experience while eating your body weight in donuts that taste like Jesus touched them (copyright Sandy Milton) in 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Try one of everything and ask if they have a special donut that day.

Step 2: Get more than you think you’ll want. Trust me on this. You waited in line all that time so get extra for later.

Step 3: Que to Hallelujah Chorus and eat your feelings. Don’t think about evil words like “shorts” or “diabetes”.


I can’t think of much else I would stand in 90 degree weather for 30 minutes to get and I sweat like a sinner in church on a cool day. One bite of that donut and you’ll see why we waited in the heat. My favorite is the original glazed but Chris likes the cinnamon sugar one. When we buy the pretzels though we like the opposite- plain for Chris and cinnamon sugar for me. If you see their truck on the street run don’t walk! The price might seem a little high but you have to remember that the pretzels and donuts are roughly the size of your face. Bring your wallet and an insulin drip. Look them up on Facebook to see where they’ll be throughout the week. You’ll thank me later!

Until next time,



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