Well folks, I think it’s safe to say Christopher is now “kayak pregnant” and I expect him to deliver a kayak in our garage any day now. The idea was conceived (see what I did there?) one Saturday in July when we spent part of the day out on the river in Mendota, Virginia. Adventure Mendota was recommended to me by a few of my coworkers and it was definitely worth the trip and $33 each. When you think of the cost of a single kayak it’s such a great price. The team at Adventure Mendota takes care of you from start to finish making the entire experience an exercise in relaxation more than actual exercise. Chris said you could honestly just float down the river without really having to paddle. Don’t let me fool you, though! There were a couple spots along the river where you had to watch out for rocks or you could get stuck. I was so distracted by the scenery that I might have gotten stuck a time or two but it was easy to push myself out and back on the river to cruise!

Adventure Mendota is unique in that you are kayaking down a river that runs through other people’s private land. It’s beautiful and serene and just what we needed to beat the heat.

This view was worth the whole trip! I felt like I could have been on the set of “Jurassic Park” and yes… I said, “Welcome to Jurassic Park!” just like Richard Attenborough does in the film.

I had a butterfly hitchhiker for the first half of the trip. Am I the only person that thinks it’s good luck when a butterfly lands on you?

Pictured above is the take out spot. The crew at Adventure Mendota will help you get your kayak out of the water and load everything up for you. They bus you from this point back to your car.

This little guy is a Corgi mutt and he is part of the Adventure Mendota crew who comes to get you and bring you back to the parking lot. How did they know I like my chauffeurs to be furry and four legged? His name is Forest and he is a precious rescue who belongs to one of the employees.

Adventure Mendota is a small business that truly values every customer that comes their way. They took great care of us and I can safely say we have kayak fever now! It feels like meditating. Mendota, VA is just a short drive from the Tri Cities area. We live pretty close to the race track and for us it was about 45 minutes. If you’re ever in the area you should pay them a visit.

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