I have a confession to make… I can’t stand the taste of beer. I think it’s entirely too bitter and in 5 years of legally drinking (never mind the years before that) I have yet to find a beer that doesn’t turn my stomach. When I was in college I would go to a party and think, “Why do people love this stuff so much?” It could also be because I didn’t care for the smell of it stuck to the floor in a fraternity house but that’s a different story. Then my Grandbig in my sorority gave me my first taste of hard cider and I’ve been hopelessly devoted ever since. I finally found my drink for when we make a “beer run” on the way to a friend’s house. My palette has gotten (slightly) more refined since my college days so when I heard about Gypsy Circus Cider in Kingsport I had to try it out. Let me tell you… it did not disappoint! My favorite cider was the “Queen of Swords” because it’s perfectly sweet enough for me. “Queen of Swords” can be purchased in cans at local grocery stores so if you see it then give it a taste! They also make a delicious mead called “Flower Child” with the distinct honey flavor that meads are known for and the fresh taste of hibiscus flower. “Flower Child” rocked my world. I had never tried mead before and now I’m hooked. Gypsy Circus also had a food truck outside called “Feeding Frenzy” and their pulled pork grilled cheese was just what I needed to go with my brews. I’ve heard from friends that they have different food trucks on the weekends. It always feels good to try out a new small business for dinner especially when it’s a food truck! I haven’t even told you the best part… every Thursday night is BINGO night! This old lady is stoked.


I love these bee glasses!






     They have old school board games and Nintendo so if I lose Christopher while we’re there I know just where to find him. I’m not good at video games but who doesn’t love Mario and Yoshi? Yoshi was definitely my favorite.





Pictured below is the amazing “Brando” who got out of a straight jacket while being suspended from a fork lift. He’s a big Houdini fan but you should be a fan of “Brando”! He also got shackled and immersed in a barrel of water for 3 minutes. I won’t ruin the end of the trick. Go see him for yourself!








Altogether, Kingsport has a lot of hidden gems and Gypsy Circus is a must do! Forget what you heard when you were little. You should definitely run away to Kingsport and join the circus!

High Voltage was located nearby in downtown Kingsport next to a transformer. Christopher was amazed the power company let them build a bar so close! Apparently they had an amazing blood orange cider but it was so good it sold out before I could get some! They had live music, corn hole, and a family friendly atmosphere like Gypsy Circus. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised that at both places people had their kids and were having fun together instead of an all adult crowd.







This is Seth and Blair!

They have become some of our best friends since we moved to the Tri Cities.


Definitely my favorite picture from the night. I can’t wait to be this man’s wife!


Until Next Time,



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