Wow. It has been a minute since I’ve written a blog post but today feels like the perfect opportunity. I feel as though I may be stepping out of the new mom fog… just in time for the 4 month sleep regression. Ha! Jokes aside I haven’t felt particularly inspired since the pandemic started. Compound that with being pregnant, starting a new job, trying to stay healthy (physically and emotionally) and taking care of newborn- there was little time for blogging. I’m so glad to be getting back to what I love and sharing our sweet life with all of you. So here goes… first post of 2021. Our first of many adventures with Claire.

We started the new year off with baby girl’s first hike. Nothing fancy- we were trying to be realists. Something close enough to the house so we could get back in time for the next bottle or rush home if she decides she’s over it. Steele Creek Park fit the bill. We’ve been there countless times before with Joe (poor, neglected Joe) and even picked a new trail to mark the occasion.

I melt when I see the pictures of Claire in a hoodie. Notice those little tufts of strawberry blonde hair… those big blue eyes. Damn, I did good.

The sun hits perfectly in the last photo. I have wayyyy too many pictures of my husband’s back side but I’m a big fan so I’m keeping them.

I hope this post brightens your day. I hope to take Claire on many more hikes. I hope 2021 is full of health and happiness for us all.

More than anything I am glad because today, Inauguration Day, my hope is renewed.

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