The latest restaurant in town that you have to try is MonsterMash Burgers. This themed eatery has everything from monstrously large meals to lemonade served in blood bags. Burgers, mac n cheese, and hot dogs are all customizable as well as gigantic shakes. You can indulge in bubbling cheese from a cauldron while listening to The Eagles sing “Witchy Woman”.

Their menu is full of options like Dracula’s Steak N Cheese Mac and the Sasquatch American Burger. The dishes are gigantic and you have more than enough to eat and take home. Take a close look at the decor as well. You’ll notice Frankenstein hanging from the ceiling in the bar area and the Loch Ness Monster painted on the wall.



Of course my favorite part was watching my nephew Arlow try and eat my food with only one tooth. Believe it or not, he picks the biggest softie in the group (me) to see if I’ll give him anything besides yogurt puffs. It usually works out in his favor. I’ll definitely have to bring him back when he’s old enough to have a milkshake. Knowing him he’ll be more like his Uncle John and prefer a great big burger. Either way, MonsterMash is just the place for us.

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